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My first daughter has officially decided to join us in the world now!  She was born on July 19th at 11:44pm at 7 pounds, 1 ounce and 19.5 inches long.  It took about 30 hours of labor and a last minute c-section, but everybody is happy and healthy now.  She came out absolutely perfect!! More […]

So, Connie and I just got back from a really great, 8 day trip to Maui.  I think that was just about the right amount of time for a trip like this.  It was long enough to get a nice relaxing break, but short enough that I didn’t feel like I was itching to get […]

Today was the inaugural 2009 Irvine Lake Mud Run.  My friends Lutz, Svetkins and Anthony along with my girlfriend, Connie, were in the race.  Me and Ekaterina, Svetkins’ wife, and Chamarra (sp?), Anthony’s wife, were there for moral support and picture taking.  Other than having to wake up at 7:15 in the morning on a […]

This is basically a test.  I’m still getting all of the blogger software setup and DNS propagated.  I’m not entirely sure what I’ll be doing with this space, honestly.  I’ve been contemplating setting up a blog for some time.  It’s mostly a matter of content.  I’ll be posting the occasional rant or general thoughts and […]